Railroad name Photos

"Train Through Milford"
A Pere Marquette Mikado-powered freight rides the long fill across the Huron River Valley in September 1950. In this prototype scene, the fill separates the business area of Milford, Michigan from Ford Lake and the farms and homes beyond. 

"Milford Carburetor Plant"  
Pere Marquette Mikado #1025 is passing between the Village Pond and the Ford Motor Company Carburetor Plant in Milford, Michigan. This Ford facility was designed by noted Detroit architect Albert Kahn and completed in 1939. The plant furnishes 2-barrel carburetors for Ford flathead V-8 engines.

"Holly Turn Hotel" 
Pere Marquette’s Saginaw-based Holly Turn is working the town of Holly, Michigan. USRA 0-8-0 #1410 pushes an outbound scrap metal load from National Steel Products. Considerable activity is evident at the quaint Sinclair service station and the Holly Hotel beyond.  Built in 1891, the Holly Hotel is an area gem, which gained fame in 1908 when Cary Nation clubbed bar patrons in support of Prohibition.