NCX 2019 Operating Session Layouts On this page is more information on the layouts which will host operating sessions during North Central Crossing 2019.  
Railroad Scale - Size Scenery %  Owner Location Day & Time
C&O Clifton Forge Division HO 1400 sq ft 95 Mike Burgett  Waterford Saturday 7-10PM
This layout is an accurate depiction of the C&O Clifton Forge Division in 1965 complete with a completely prototypical CTC machine.   The CTC machine features all aspects of prototype signaling as employed by the C&O:  route locking, time locking, call-on features, prototype C&O signal aspects and provides all dispatching. The layout itself is a spectacular walk-around, double-deck representation of the Clifton Forge Division.   Due to operating complexities, this operating session is targeted at experienced operators.  (Note:  All other sessions are suitable for those new to operations.)  Photos - Click Here

Durango and Silverton O, On3, HO 33 x 72' 100% Tom Dart Bloomfield Hills  Sat 3-7PM 
The Durango & Silverton is a club size layout with complete scenery and housed in a beautiful setting. On3 with hand laid track,  all brass locomotives and stunning scenes depicting the old West of Colorado.   The D&S was originally built by Doug Tagsold, Blissfield, Michigan. Tom purchased the layout from Doug, had the room constructed, and enlarged the D&S from its original configuration.  There is also an O scale standard gauge layout nearing completion which features decoder controlled servo switch machines controlled via a touch screen line diagram using JMRI. Both layouts are DCC using Easy DCC throttles.   An HO scale railroad is being constructed in a separate room. 
Photos - Click Here
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern HO
2000 sq ft
100% John DePauw Lake Orion Friday 7-10PM
John DePauw's famous Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway is a multi-deck rendition of the belt line railroad around Chicago, including all of the interchanges with other Chicago-area railroads. Set in 1973, the layout is housed in a 2,000 sq. ft. basement. Featuring the large yards of Waukegan, Joliet, Gary, U.S Steel and the BN's Eola, the layout can accommodate up to 16 operators during a session. Car cards and DCC (NCE) are used on John's layout. Photos - Click Here
Adrian & Blissfield HO 13x26'  Ron Griffin Macomb
The Adrian and Blissfield is a two-deck representation of this southern Michigan shortline. This model railroad shows the A&B from it's interchange with the Indiana and Ohio at Riga, through the Norfolk Southern diamond and interchange, to it's terminus at Adrian.  It supports three operators using car cards and waybills.  It operates point to point and uses EasyDCC.  Ron's Adrian and Blissfield was featured in Model Railroad Planning 2018.   Photos - Click Here
New Baltimore & Fair Haven RR HO 30x50 85% Greg Rich New Baltimore Sunday
12 Noon
Greg Rich’s New Baltimore & Fair Haven Railway is a freelanced point to point model of a railroad that grew up and flourished from the 1880’s until the present day of 1925. The NB&FH is set in believable terrain echoing that of the northern portions of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York bordering the Great Lakes. The layout is populated with many scratch-built one of a kind structures, animated features, unique rolling stock, locomotives, boats and detailed period vehicles.  The RR is powered by Digitrax with Soundtraxx providing the sound for the steam locomotives.  Photos - Click Here

Grand Trunk Western HO 30x50' 100% South Oakland County Model RR Club  Hazel Park Thursday 7-10PM
The South Oakland Division of the Grand Trunk Western is based on the Holly Subdivision of the GTW in southeastern Michigan during the mid 1950s to the mid-1970s.  The layout is double deck, point to point, encompassing 700 feet of main line and two hidden helixes joining the two levels.  True to the railroad only actual prototype motive power, rolling stock, and industries are represented. The Holly sub starts in Detroit, runs through Ferndale and Pontiac, on to Durand. Photos - Click Here

Gratiot Valley Railroad 4050 sq ft Gratiot Valley Model RR Club Mt. Clemens Saturday 4PM
The GVRR is located in a 4050 sq ft. building, with over 400 ft of main line both double and single track.  The GVRR models the 1940s thru the 1950s steam thru the diesel transition period. There are a lot of large industrial areas, mountains, a waterfront, and narrow gauge logging. Traffic consists of mixed freight manifest, iced refrigerated, passenger, unit trains, and local freight trains. Train control is with DCC.     Photos - Click Here
Butte Mine & Eastern Bruce Ernatt Troy
Information and photos coming.....