NCX 2019 Layout ToursNCX 2019 will feature many layouts open for tours during evening hours and on Sunday.  Please note that tour hours may change.  Check the status board at the Convention venue.  
Railroad Scale - Size Scenery %  Owner Location Tour Day & Time
Surrey ValleyS   29x29'25%Bill BartlamBloomfield Sat 3-7PM
The Surrey Valley is a NYC branch/bridge line linking seven small towns designed for industrial switching. I's a single track mainline with passing sidings, two continuous running tracks and a loop to loop mainline. The layout is set in the mid 50's with small steam and 1st generation diesels. One end of the railroad has engine facilities with a turntable, roundhouse and 4 track yard. There is a separate branch line with two coal mines and a paper mill. Seven bridges cross the isle ways and the layout is fully signaled.
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Central Vermont/Boston and Maine Railroads  HO, 2000 Sq. Ft.0%Ron BlumerLake Orion
Sat 2-10PM
The Central Vermont/Boston and Maine Railroads service three towns in Vermont that are switched by Turns out of White River Jct, VT, and multiple Manifest Freight Trains that travel between Brattleboro, VT and St Albans, VT. Three passenger trains run every session, which meet at White River Junction (WRJ), VT to exchange cars, express, passengers and baggage. The Vermont Milk Shed dictates that the "Daily Milk" travels South from St. Albans and picks up full cars from the online Creameries for delivery to the B&M (heading to Boston Staging) at WRJ, and returns empties delivered to WRJ by the B&M to the Creameries along the CVR that evening. The major yard is the CVR at WRJ, with a smaller B&M yard South of the WRJ Station. Both St. Albans and Brattleboro are at opposite ends of the run through staging yard (11 tracks).
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LaRouteDesVin Railroad (French for The Wine Road)  HO, Hoe & Z 12'x14'50%Tony BritskiTroyThurs 4-7PM
Designed for one man operation, La RouteDesVin Rail Road is a free lance depiction of 1950-1970 Europe (France, Austria, Germany & Holland) and features cantenary over both mainline and trolley track, DCC, surround sound and styrofoam scenery base. Sound system train station announcements are made in English, French and German.
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C&O Clifton Forge DivisionHO 1400 sq ft95%Mike Burgett WaterfordSat 10AM-6PM
Mike's unique and fascinating completely-prototypical CTC machine actually controls the layout, and was built before the layout was started. The CTC system features all aspects of prototype signaling as employed by the C&O (route locking, time locking, call-on features and prototype C&O signal aspects). The layout matches the quality of the CTC machine - a walk-around double-deck representation of the Clifton Forge Division of the C&O featuring operating signals, mountainous scenery, and command control.
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Laurium, Mohawk and Brockway RailwayOn30 28x38'90%Larry Burke HollyFri 2-5PM
Sat 2-5PM
Larry's On30 model railroad depicts a shortline in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan in the year 1935. The primary products carried are copper ore and lumber. Only 16 miles long at this time, the railroad at one time extended north to Lac La Belle and west to Eagle Harbor, but the line has been abandoned beyond Phoenix. Connection to the outside world is via barge at Lake Linden across Torch Lake/Portage Lake to Chassell, the Portage Entry Railway at Gregoryville and cross dock interchange with the standard gauge Copper Range RR.
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Danforth, Hadley & NorthernN100%Ken Chick, MMRNorthvilleSun 12-5PM
The DH&N is a large point-to-point operating railroad with two large yards and a large engine facility, featuring long runs through beautiful scenery and 12 cities on a 400' main line. Based on the Northern Pacific Montana Division operating between Huntley and Garrison, MT; it shares tracks with its parent NP and hosts an occasional GN train. The railroad is steam to diesel transition on code 55 track with hand-laid turnouts and crossings, NCE DCC, a branch line and a separate logging railroad.  Published in Rail Model Journal (April 2007) and Scale Rails (Feb 2007).
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Cos-RailO 12'x12' O,On30 14x25'90%
Fred CosgroveSterling HeightsThu 4-10PM
Fred Cosgrove has two layouts. The first is an O scale trolley, 12’ X 12’ U shaped layout that is loosely based on the 1940 - 1950 era of the Chicago South Shore and South Bend interurban running from Michigan City shops to South Bend, Indiana. This layout has approximately 90% of the scenery finished.  His second model railroad is an O and On30, 14' x 25' layout. It is based on the 1960 - 1970 Southern RR in Frankfort, KY with a connection to the narrow gauge railroad in the mountains. This layout has complete benchwork and track while the scenery is beginning in the mock-up stage.
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Durango and SilvertonO, On3, HO 33 x 72'100%Tom DartBloomfield Hills Fri 2-6PM 
The Durango & Silverton is a club size layout with complete scenery and housed in a beautiful setting. On3 with hand laid track,  all brass locomotives and stunning scenes depicting the old West of Colorado.   The D&S was originally built by Doug Tagsold, Blissfield, Michigan. Tom purchased the layout from Doug, had the room constructed, and enlarged the D&S from its original configuration.  There is also an O scale standard gauge layout nearing completion which features decoder controlled servo switch machines controlled via a touch screen line diagram using JMRI. Both layouts are DCC using Easy DCC throttles.   An HO scale railroad is being constructed in a separate room. 
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New York Central and Chicago, Burlington and QuincyHO
1500 sq ft
80%Jim DennisTroySat 3-6PM
Jim’s freelanced NYC and CB&Q layout is set in the 1950 – 1965 time frame in a 30’ x 50’ room and has been under construction for five years. His scenery is 80% complete. The layout includes 400 feet of double track code 100 mainline, 140 Peco turnouts and a seven track staging yard. The layout also includes 17 rail served industries, five passenger stations, a large engine terminal for both steam and diesels and a dock with a car float near the yard. Jim uses the Digitrax DCC system.Photos - Click Here
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern HO
2000 sq ft
100%John DePauwLake OrionSat 2-10PM
John DePauw's famous Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway is a multi-deck rendition of the belt line railroad around Chicago, including all of the interchanges with other Chicago-area railroads. Set in 1973, the layout is housed in a 2,000 sq. ft. basement. Featuring the large yards of Waukegan, Joliet, Gary, U.S Steel and the BN's Eola, the layout can accommodate up to 16 operators during a session. Car cards and DCC (NCE) are used on John's layout.Photos - Click Here
Detroit Union RailroadO
3400 sq ft 
66%Detroit Model Railroad Club
HollySat 12-5PM
Sun 12-5PM
The Detroit Model Railroad Club is the 10th oldest model railroad club in the United States and was founded in 1935.  The club has built 6 model railroads over the ensuing 78 years.  The club's Detroit Union Railroad, one of the largest model railroads in the United States, fills the former movie theater in Holly.  A movie theater's sloping floor has been put to good use.  Scenery is massive in both height and breadth.  All of the 5800 feet of standard gauge track on the railroad is hand laid.  Trains as long as 45 cars traverse the 950 foot long mainline on grades of up to 1 1/2%.  Minimum radius is 6 feet.  There is also a 200 foot long branch line with 3% grades that interchanges with a 120 foot long On3 railroad.  There is a loads in-empties out industry pair, a major coal mine and a coal fired electric generating plant.  These two industries accommodate up to 100 hopper cars between them.  A major automotive manufacturing center has recently been added to the railroad with 46 specific car spots in the complex. There is 7 1/2 feet of elevation difference from the lowest point to the highest point on the railroad.  3400 square feet of railroad is operational with 66% of the scenery in that area complete.  Another 1800 square feet of railroad is currently under construction.  The railroad is operated with NCE DCC.  All of the throttles are radio throttles.  Photos - Click Here
Santa Fe RailroadHO 22x33'' 0%Tim FisherShelby Township
Friday 2-8PM
Tim's 22' x 33' layout represents Pampa, Texas on the Santa Fe Railroad during World War II (1945). Construction began June 2018. This is a new model railroad and displays classic L-girder construction along with wiring techniques for DCC control. There is one town and one staging yard, including 65 turnouts (15 powered) and 675 feet of track. Pampa is where double track began. There are two sidings, a four track yard, wye, branch line, 12 customers, and an interchange with the Fort Worth and Denver. There are 8 staging tracks long enough for 36 car freights.  Photos - Click Here
Buffalo & ChautauquaS 30x42' 70%Gaylord GillHighlandFri 6-10PM
Sun 2-5PM
The Buffalo & Chautauqua portrays the Pennsylvania Railroad's Northern Division in 1953, centered on Babcock St. yard in Buffalo, NY.  In one direction the layout represents the PRR’s Buffalo Main and in the other direction the Chautauqua Branch.  It is designed for operations, with a single-tracked main terminating at each end into hidden reversing loops.  Portions of the mainline share trackage rights with B&O, and there is an interchange with NYC.   Photos - Click Here
Gratiot Valley Railroad HO 2500 sq ft 90%Gratiot Valley Model RR ClubMt. ClemensSat 4-8PM
The Gratiot Valley Model Railroad Club's large HO-scale layout occupies a 4,000 sq. ft. building. The free-lanced layout, set in the 1950's, features towering mountains, many bridges, waterfronts, coal mines and heavy industries. The club is currently developing a 60-foot long narrow gauge railroad, the Drummond Bay Timber & Mining RR. The layout is run using DCC and JMRI for car and train routing.  Photos - Click Here
Chi-Town StationO
10,000 sq ft
95%Paul GribbleCommerce Township
Fri, Sat & Sun  2-5PM
This layout seeks to mirror operations consolidating the six major railroad stations that serviced and ran in and around the Union Station terminal in Chicago. There is a hand painted sixty-five foot mural of downtown Chicago. Layout is housed in its own building and was started in June 1999.The layout models five major railroads: New York Central, Baltimore & Ohio, Atchison., Topeka & Santa Fe, Denver and Rio Grande Western and the Southern Pacific. There is more than 12,000 feet of track on multi-level layout.  Programmed automated and manual dispatch control operate simultaneously 20-30 passenger and freight  trains. In 2010,  successfully operated the longest model O scale train containing 1,000 cars with multiple engines.  This record certified and still appears in Guinness Record Book. Layout open to general public each year November thru March on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am-5pm.  Admission Fee waived for registered convention attendees during dates of convention.
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Adrian & BlissfieldHO 13x26' 65%Ron GriffinMacombSat 4-8PM
The Adrian and Blissfield is a two-deck representation of this southern Michigan shortline. This model railroad shows the A&B from it's interchange with the Indiana and Ohio at Riga, through the Norfolk Southern diamond and interchange, to it's terminus at Adrian.  It supports three operators using car cards and waybills.  It operates point to point and uses EasyDCC.  Ron's Adrian and Blissfield was featured in Model Railroad Planning 2018.  Photos - Click Here
Detroit Woodbridge & BirminghamHO 200 sq ft50%John JacksonBirminghamSunday
The Detroit, Woodbridge and Birmingham RR is an Industrial Switching Layout. It is truly point-to-point with no provision for turning locomotives. Its primary function is to move freight between Birmingham I/M yard, Great Lakes Yard, Potomac Yard and Detroit CN Yard while serving multiple industries along the way. Including a brewery, a cement plant, and numerous small industries in Tuxedo Junction (the only town on the railroad). The major industry, Cement Industry Of America, is served from two directions: Coal from the South and West, raw material (crushed stone, etc) from around the world, with shipping to the world as well. Tuxedo Junction is a small town with worldwide aspirations and several small industries that are rail served directly and thru a team track.
The DWBRR received its NMRA Golden Spike in February of 2019.
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Move It on Railroad System N 150 sq ft 100% Rad Jones Oakland Twp Sat 2-10PM
The New York Central in N-scale:  The layout features a passenger terminal, several well-detailed small towns and villages, and many yards (including a coach yard, freight, intermodal, and military yards), 2 military bases and an intermodal yard. The buildings have interior and exterior lighting elements, animated signs and background sounds.  Operation is with DCC.  The layout was published in N Scale Railroading (May/June 2005).   Photos - Click Here
Erie Railroad HO 24'x32'100%Ron King, MMRGarden City
Sun 12-5PM
MMR Ron King's HO scale Erie Railroad is set in October of 1953 and runs from Marion Ohio to Cornell, NY. The layout 24' x 32' and is controlled with Digitrax DCC and can host 7 to 10 operators.  The scenery is complete and the many detailed structures are a combination of kitbashed and scratchbuilt. Ron has been working on his railroad for 50 years! Photos - Click Here
New York Central West Shore LineHO50%
Saul KalbfeldWest Bloomfield
Fri 2-7PM Sun 12-5PM
Saul's New York Central West Shore Line is a fictional NYC secondary mainline in the 1965-1967 time frame. Freight trains and RDC passenger trains travel the layout from hidden staging to work the large city with several long spurs servicing many industries. There are several bridges,  many craftsman kit and scratchbuilt structures, a small yard and engine service facility on Saul's railroad. The layout is built on Mianne custom benchwork with a power liftgate. Saul estimates the layout is about 50% complete and controlled by DCC but signals and some other electronics are still in the works.Photos - Click Here
Santa Fe NorthernHO 20x25'100%Gene KomeWarrenSat 2-7PM
Sun 12-4PM
Gene Kome's Santa Fe Northern Railroad is set in urban and rural areas of southern Illinois in the mid-1960's to mid-1970's.  Designed for switching and passenger operations, the railroad features a two-track main line with loop-to-loop endpoints.  Control is with DCC.Photos - Click Here
GN Cascade MountainsHO 1200 sq ft99%Scott KremerNorthvilleSun 12-5PM
Modeling the Great Northern Railway through the Cascade Mountains in the early fall of 1955, Scott Kremer's layout features beautiful scenery that varies by elevation and location and includes snow scenes and the gray, rainy areas so common to the Pacific Northwest.  The layout runs steam, diesel and heavy electrics operating under over 140 feet of catenary.  With few exceptions all structures are scratchbuilt, most to prototype drawings and photos. The layout has been expand by over 135 sq. ft. over the last two years and much has changed.  All locomotives operate with DCC sound.Photos - Click Here
The North Montana LineN 18'x25'80%Dan Lewis, MMRRochester HillsSat 3-7PM
Dan Lewis' North Montana Line models the Milwaukee Railroad in central Montana in the fall of 1953.  The 265 mile branch line ran from Harlowton through Lewistown and up to Great Fall and beyond.  This N-scale layout is about 80% sceniced, features many scratch-built prototypically accurate structures and captures the steam-diesel transition of a major granger road.  The layout operates under 1953 TT&TO rules with mostly time freights but some extras as well.  Control is with EasyDCC.  The North Montana Line has been widely published, including: Model Railroader (Oct 1999); N Scale Railroading (May/June 2004); N Scale (May/June 2003), the NMRA Bulletin, and most recently again in Model Railroader in September of 2011.  The layout requires one modest duck-under to enter.   Photos - Click Here
Michigan Southern RailwayHO 25x25'95%Norm LoganNorthvilleSun 12-5PM
The MSR is an HO scale. three decked layout modeled in the 70's to serve the auto industry. The layout is 25' x 25' single track 460' mainline with passing sidings and is designed with operation in mind. Train control is by NCE DCC, the layout is signaled, and includes a CTC board with train orders and thumb tacks used for car forwarding.
Photos - Click Here
PRR PanhandleHO 25x22'95%Bill Neale, MMRNorthvilleSun 12-5PM
Bill's layout features western West Virginia & eastern Ohio scenery; and an 8-foot long Ohio River bridge that takes trains between Weirton, WV and Steubenville, OH. The layout is all-steam with DCC sound, and includes award-winning scratch-built structures, three and four-track mainlines, 4 interlocking towers, and staging for more than 30 trains. Eastbound trains get pushers for 2 scale miles of helper grade. Published in Rail Model Journal (Jan 2004)  and Great Model Railroads 2010.  Duck-under at entrance to layout room. 
Photos - Click Here
Chesapeake & OhioHO 25x40'75%Sandy NelsonFentonFri 2-5PM
Sat 2-5PM
Sandy Nelson models the C&O from Grand Rapids to Detroit including the Ionia Sub to Bay City in HO scale. There are both freight and passenger operations on this layout which also includes at least 4 coal mines. Operations are a big part of Sandy's layout which can easily handle 8 operators. Digitrax DCC is used to control the layout. Photos - Click Here
Clarkston Subdivision of the PONY RRHO 300 sq ft60%John OrminskiClarkston
Sat  2-6PM
A portion of the freelanced PONY Clarkston subdivision was first constructed in Bowmanville, Ontario, in 1993, and moved to the US in 1998.   The layout is based on the "Quonset & East Douglas" railway from Kalmbach's "Track Planning Ideas" and models the Union Pacific thru Dale Junction, Wyoming.   The layout also includes Canadian (Toronto) and European (Germany) themed towns.   Locomotives are mostly modern diesels with some excursion steam, and many are DCC / Sound equipped.    Future plans include car-card operations.    Also on display will be three winter scene modules from the Stoney Creek Club layout which will be on display at The Van Hoosen Farm in Rochester Hills this Christmas season. Photos - Click Here
Erie Lackawanna Mahoning DivisionHO 22x23'30%Ted PilchakWhite Lake
Sat  2-7PM
Sun  12-4PM
Ted models the Mahoning Division of the Erie Lackawanna in the summer of 1968.  The steel industry was still going strong in Youngstown Ohio.  The layout depicts the unloading facility in Cleveland and the Youngstown Sheet and Tube mill in Youngstown  (they actually had two).  A very interesting feature of Ted's layout is the Great Lakes bulk carrier Champlain of the Cleveland Cliffs Steamship Company unloading ore at the Riverbed Yard and the two Huelett unloaders! At that time, Cleveland Cliffs Steamship Company was owned by New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. Ted's layout is 22' x 23', it has a fully operational signal system and his scenery is about 40% complete. Come take a visit back to 1968! Photos - Click Here
Michigan Lines RRHO 92x3320%Jay and Brook QualmanMilfordFri 6-9PM
Sun 2-5PM
Jay and Brook Qualman's Michigan Lines railroad is a large, prototype-based layout depicting the rail lines radiating from Detroit in the early 1950s. The Pere Marquette, New York Central, and Grand Trunk Western and several secondary railroads are represented, resulting in complex trackwork and numerous junctions. Two hundred exceptional scratchbuilt structures depicting locally- and personally- significant buildings enhance this layout. The layout features Uni-Strut steel construction and multiple peninsulas, with four lift bridges to clear the way.  Photos - Click Here
Great Union Northern & Iron Range RRHO 25x30' 35%Jim RevenaughRichmond
Sat 4-8PM
The GUN&IR RR is a freelance iron ore hauler from the Digton Mine to the Buluth ore dock in Aug of 1941. Unique open pit ore mine camouflages one large helix.  A second and third helix (tandem design - one inside the other) are covered by the Old Quarry Lake seen in one of the pictures. All sound, fast clock, time table, dispatcher  operation with all NCE radio operate large articulate steam power with a main line run of approx 524' on 4 levels with scenery about 60% complete. Typical ore drags have 70+ ore cars.  Passenger and local switching service make this an exciting prototypical operating railroad. If you like to view long HO scale trains with big engines this is a great layout to visit.. Photos - Click Here
New Baltimore & Fair Haven RRHO 30x5085%Greg Rich, MMRNew BaltimoreSat 4-7PM
Greg Rich’s New Baltimore & Fair Haven Railway is a freelanced point to point model of a railroad that grew up and flourished from the 1880’s until the present day of 1925. The NB&FH is set in believable terrain echoing that of the northern portions of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York bordering the Great Lakes. The layout is populated with many scratch-built one of a kind structures, animated features, unique rolling stock, locomotives, boats and detailed period vehicles.  The RR is powered by Digitrax with Soundtraxx providing the sound for the steam locomotives.  Photos - Click Here
B&M Green River SubHO 25x38'65%Gale SaxtonTroyThu 6-10PM
Fri 6-10PM
 Gale Saxton's Green River Subdivision depicts the Boston & Maine Railroad. Designed for operations, the layout features many industries and switching challenges for train crews. Modeling the 1950's era with steam and diesel locomotives the layout is an excellent example of modeling an east coast railroad. Photos - Click Here
Detroit Bay City & WesternHO25%Bob SchererBerkleySun 12-5PM
Pte-to-Pte Industrial switching & freight manifest from St Clair-Pt Huron to Bay City. 1950 era - Steam & Diesel motive power, DCC (NCE Radio)  Photos- Click Here!
Grand Trunk WesternHO 6 x 23'75%Ken SchererBerkleySun 12-5PM
Ken began building his Grand Trunk Western layout in 1974 and has grown to it's current size of 6' x 23' over the years. Originally built, the layout was a DC layout but Ken has since converted to NCE DCC. Ken models the 1950's to the 1970's with both steam and diesels working the rails. A car float near the yard is an important interchange on Ken's GT layout. A duck under helps you see the entire layout which has about 75% of the scenery completed. Photos- Click Here!
Society of N Scalers DetroitN  600' mainline70%Society of N Scalers DetroitDetroitSat 3-9PM
The Society of N Scalers Detroit club has a very large N scale layout under construction at their Detroit club location.  It is two level point-to-point layout with approximately 300 feet of single mainline laid track on each level (not including the double track helix)  Complete wired DCC system operation .  Turnouts are hand-built DCC remote operated devices utilizing miniature servo motors. Benchwork 100% completed.  Scenery is 15% completed.   A construction centerpiece of their layout is the seven turn multi-turn double track helix. Photos - Click Here
Grand Trunk WesternHO 30x50'70%South Oakland County Model RR Club Hazel ParkSat 2-9PM
The South Oakland Division of the Grand Trunk Western is a semi-prototypical layout based on the Holly Subdivision of the GTW, between Detroit and Durand during the 1960s and 70s.  The layout is double deck, point to point, encompassing 700 feet of main line.  Features include two staging yards, Pontiac Yard and Engine Terminal, Ferndale Yard, Industrial Switching, a Helix and Single track on the second level.  Scenery is complete.  Technology includes CTC signals, a JMRI Dispatch panel, radio communication and Digitrax throttles.  Diagrams of the layout available at the website,, by clicking the "Layout" button. Photos - Click Here
Michigan ShorelineO Scale 35'x60'100%Dick Tomlinson Fenton
Fri 2-5PM
Sat 2-5PM
Dick's O scale Michigan Shoreline layout packs a lot of railroading in the transition era.  The layout features both steam and diesel locomotives, all with sound, several levels of track with bridges, and a very impressive scratch built wood trestle that is 24' long. The layout is built for operations with a long main line and plenty of switching to keep operators busy using NCE DCC control. Half of the layout is signaled now with the rest of the layout in progress.  Additional features include 1500' of 2 rail track 99% handlaid, a gauntlet track, and a gravity yard.  And when you're visiting Dick's layout, make sure to ask him about the hole in the basement wall and the tube that runs 18' outside of his house to accommodate one leg of the wye on his layout! Photos - Click Here
Rochester & RichmondHO 16x33'100%George Van Duyne Bloomfield Hills Saturday 3-7PM
The Rochester &  Richmond is a freelanced railroad in the Appalachia region in the late steam era, with steam locos the primary power.   Double track mainline of about 130 feet with single track branch line to two coal mines.  Scenery ranges from industrial towns to mountains and includes a small yard with locomotive servicing, a harbor with car float, and a winter scene.  A signaling system using Arduino computer technology has just been started.  (All of 2 signal bridges so far!)  The layout is controlled with a wireless MRC DCC system.      
Photos - Click Here
C&O Greenbrier SubdivisionHO   30x14'80%Rick and Marie Ware Grand BlancSat 2-5
Sun 2-5
An autumn depiction of the C&O Greenbrier branch in eastern West Virginia during the mid 1960's, best known for the Cass Scenic Railroad. The layout features river valley scenes, a tunnel, a large tannery complex and other recognizable structures of Ronceverte, Marlinton, and Cass on a point-to-wye track plan. More space in a new home has allowed the addition of the north end of the branchline at Durbin with its connection to the Western Maryland line to Elkins, as well as the paper mill at Covington and the short Hot Springs branchline in neighboring Virginia. Photos - Click Here
Loon Lake Rwy & Navigation Co.G 30x11'10%Rick and Marie WareGrand BlancSat 2-5
Sun 2-5
The Loon Lake Railway & Navigation Company was a garden railroad for many years but has moved indoors at a new location. The layout is a free-lanced representation of the mining and logging industry in the Keweenaw area of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  It features wood and steel bridges, a circus, a small farm, a harbor, two small towns, a mine, a sawmill, and a variety of rod and geared steam locomotives. Photos - Click Here
Southern Pacific RailroadO 22x36''10%
Larry Wolohon, MMRPlymouthSun 12-5PM
Larry's 2 rail O scale layout occupies an area of 22' x 36' and consists of an oval with a peninsula in the center and connected to the mainline by a wye. He is modeling a portion of the Southern Pacific with small steam locomotives such as 2-6-0's, 4-8-0's and 2-8-0's. There is also a Sunset Limited pulled by an Alco PA/PB set. His layout uses NCE DCC and the engines have sound decoders installed. The track is code 125 Micro Engineering and turnouts and crossings are fabricated using Fast Tracks jigs. Scenery is in the beginning stages. Photos - Click Here
Mineral Range RailroadHO 26x18'95%Warren YoheTroyThu 4-7PM
Sun 12-5PM
Warren’s Mineral Range Railroad is an HO standard gauge prototype-based model of the Duluth South Shore and Atlantic RR extension that once served the booming “Copper Country” mines, stamp mills, smelters and communities on Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula.  Operations from the year 1900 include local MRRR steam freights, passenger trains and mine runs as well as DSSA trains from Houghton and Marquette staging to the main yard in Calumet.    It features a walk around point to point design from Houghton to Calumet with optional continuous running for open house under Digitrax DCC control. Structures include some scratch built and kit bashed buildings such as copper mines and a stamp mill. Photos - Click Here
Copper Valley RailwayHO, HOn3 14x28'+8x10'40%Jim Zinser, MMRDearborn HeightsSun 12-5PM
The layout models The Copper Valley Railway, a fictitious feeder line in the Keeweenaw Peninsula that interchanges with The Milwaukee Road in McKeever, Michigan and terminates at Copper Harbor (both represented by a double ended staging yard).  The railroad also interchanges with the SOO line and the DSS&A in Houghton, Michigan. 

Future connections will include the Wilson Lumber Company (fictitious) a logging line running from the forests above Hancock to a sawmill in Mohawk, Michigan.  The Quincy & Torch Lake, a separate (and once real) narrow gauge railroad will bring raw ore from mines atop Quincy Hill to a mill at Mason, Michigan.  From there the Copper Valley will carry processed ore out of the Copper Country via its connections with the Milwaukee, Soo and DSS&A.  A branch line will also extend to Misery Bay, a lakeside fishing community. 

The premise of the layout is that the copper industry in Michigan remained strong into the 1950s.  In reality, copper mining was essentially over by the 1930s, outside of some ore reclamation operations that occurred during WWII.  At this point, the towns of Houghton and Hancock are the only ones completely finished and Mason is under construction.  All other areas are in the benchwork stage.   What is finished features rugged, UP scenery resplendent in fall colors, plus highly detailed structures.  (Note: Jim writes the column 'Division Business Car' in NMRA Magazine.)
Photos - Click Here