A Celebration of Models

The 2019 NCR Convention, “North Central Crossing”, will feature a Celebration of Models. The model display room will concentrate on models and photos brought in for display, but will not have a formal NMRA model contest with place awards. It is our hope that Convention attendees and NMRA members will bring in their favorite models to share and display to other hobby enthusiasts.

There will not be a formal Model Contest as has been the practice at previous conventions.

There will be People’s Choice Awards given to the models with the highest popular vote ballots submitted by Convention attendees.

There will be numerous display tables and space available for the display of your favorite railroad related models and photographs.

There will be four categories for display:

  • Rolling stock

  • Structure

  • Favorite train

  • Photographs

For those NMRA members wishing to have their models judged for credit in the NMRA Achievement Program, NMRA Judges will be on hand to judge the entries and award the appropriate points.

All models displayed or entered for judging must have the proper NMRA contest entry form(s) accompanying the models. These forms can be printed from the NMRA website.

Models for display:

  • Must be registered with the Model Display room coordinator or his representative.

  • Be accompanied with an NMRA entry form (#901) with owner’s information

  • A claim tag will be issued to the model owner.

Models to be Judged:

Our Model Judging rules are simple, we follow the NMRA National Contest rules in judging and awarding points. Visit the NMRA website for a detailed explanation of all these rules and download the needed forms to be filled out. If you need help in filling out the forms, contact Greg Rich, (steamers01@sbcglobal.net).

The Models to be Judged:
  • Must be registered with the Model Display room Coordinator or his representative.

  • Filled out NMRA Entry form (#901) with owner’s information

  • Filled out NMRA Contest Judging Form (#902) and descriptions to be considered by Judges

  • Entrants are encouraged to be present during Judging to have questions answered

  • A claim tag will be issued to the model owner

  • Judging time: Friday, 5:00 to 8:00 PM

  • Models to be Judged must be registered by 6:00 PM Friday.

Model Display room times

The Display room hours are:

  • Thursday 12 PM to 8 PM

  • Friday 10 AM to 8 PM

  • Saturday 8 AM to 12 PM

  • Sunday Closed

These hours will be posted in the Display room.

Model claim times

Models may be reclaimed by the model owner any time the Display Room is open. They must however have their “North Central Crossing” issued claim check in order to remove their model(s) from the room. All models must be picked up by 12:00 noon on Saturday.


For security reasons, please do not bring large purses, camera bags, backpacks, etc. into the Model Display area.


There will be four People’s Choice Awards given:

  • Rolling stock

  • Structure

  • Favorite Train

  • Favorite Photo

There will be a Plaque and a Gift Certificate to a local Hobby Shop presented at the Saturday Luncheon for each category.